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Bernie Sanders’ Rally in Boston

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders drew thousands of supporters to Boston Convention and Exhibition Center at 6.p.m, where he spoke on a range of issues, focusing on income inequality and his college affordability plan.

The rally was free and open to the public. It lasted for more than two hours with arousing cheers both inside and outside the stadium.

After Sanders stepped on the state with thundering cheers from the crowd, he thanked his supporters and then mentioned his recent fundraising accomplishment of $26 million in the third quarter of the campaign.

During his speech, Sanders addressed several main issues America is facing and need to be fixed.

He first talked about economy, where he pointed out the struggle of income inequality. And Sanders’ plan was to transform current economic situation by working on the middle class rather than just the richest 1% in the country.

Sanders also claims to raise the national minimum wage to $15 per hour if elected as president. And he requested attention to the younger generation unemployment group.

According to Sanders, for white high school graduates, the real rate of unemployment “was 33%, for hispanic kids, real rate was 36%, for African-American kids, the rate was 51%.”

On the other hand, Sanders took a stand on sexism and family values which are very different from the Republicans. As he mentioned, by raising the minimum wage, single mother in the country will also benefit.

“Forcing a woman of just giving birth to a baby to be separated form that baby to have to go back to work in order to earn enough income to take care of the family,” Sanders said. “That is not family value, that is the opposite of family value.”

According to Sanders, the inequality of income serves as the direct cause for the issue of education. With the lack of funds from the family, students are facing large amount of loans in order to get college level education.

Sanders introduced his legislation which focused on two things - to “make every public universities and colleges in America tuition free” and to end the absurdity of millions of Americans with outrageously high levels of student debt.

“I’m really glad he made a commitment on education,” said Bruce Quinn, 20, Northeastern University student. “As a student I fully understand how stressful it can be to not be able to go to school or go to school with huge amount of loans.”

In the speech, Sanders also mentioned to carry out medical care for all single parents, to end “institutional racism,” to offer more strict background checks on gun buyers and to “solve international problems without going to war.”

With a firm and determined voice, Sanders at the end urged people to fulfill his request to unite together and fight for a new era of the nation.

“Welcome to the political revolution,”Sanders said. “If we stand together, there’s not one thing that we can not accomplish. And that’s exactly what this campaign is all about.”

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